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Explore our global Kids-Connect Club & Classroom via connection circles, and start building your social environment in an educational and fun VirtualReal space.

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IWRI gathers esteemed and acclaimed academics and professionals across many different disciplines to discuss and expand our knowledge of the emerging new world and great challenges that we face as a society today.


The integral approach regards the world as an interconnected system. This concept is the basis of Integral Education and defines a new integrated approach to upbringing.

IWRI’s Art & Culture Department is launching new projects that strive to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity. Inspired by the latest research studies about the perception of reality and the evolution of consciousness, we aim to explore the infinite possibilities of creative expression through the scientific prism.

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IWRI is here to serve the research community by publishing its most significant discoveries — findings that advance knowledge of the emerging new world and address some of the greatest challenges that we face as a society today. 

"Integral Education is a unique approach to the evolution of our society." 

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3rd International Scientific E-conferenc

The primary aim of the conference is to consolidate the efforts of scientists and specialists in integral methodology, aimed at revealing unity of the laws of nature, society and individual development. On this basis, we may identify new avenues of harmonious development of society and introduce an integral methodology of upbringing and education.