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The Integral World Research Institute (IWRI) is a non-profit international scientific,  educational and cultural association. It’s goal is to cultivate socio-cultural values of inclusiveness, mutual interdependence and responsibility among all cultures and generations, through global collaborations in the fields of science, research, education and culture, using a newly developed integral education approach. 

IWRI's activities contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. By ensuring quality lifelong learning among the members of it’s community, and far beyond, our organization is engaged in the building of  a more peaceful, equitable and integral society.

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Making an impact on Humankind’s future


​IWRI’s members share the view that the solution to the global crisis at all levels, spanning economic, social and environmental issues, requires a new, comprehensive, global and integrated education program. We are working to elaborate, promote and implement this program in the global scientific and educational community, particularly via a multimedia approach to the virtual space.


Our activities further the promotion and integration of scientific knowledge and practical skills aimed at global unification of people who are concerned about the fate and future of our world, in order to create a more unified, peaceful, and harmonious global civilization.


The world we live in is a vast, wondrous, and intricate system. Every part of it is connected to and dependent upon all the other parts. ​While the perception of reality as separate elements, is divided into different topics in today's educational system, the integral view relates to the world as interconnected. It is the basis of Integral Education and defines our pedagogical approach. With our method, the student does not learn separate topics in a “linear” fashion, instead all subjects are presented in a “circular” perspective, illustrating its connection to each subject matter.

Integral education uses all communication channels to develop a person and offers an alternative approach to the understanding of human development, the evolution of society, and the interconnections between these processes.

Our interdependence and mutual responsibility are essential components for the building of a healthy environment and a prosperous future society. No organism survives unless its cells operate in harmony. Likewise, no ecosystem thrives if one of its elements is removed. The integral education approach offers one of the most viable tools for responding to the new global challenges humanity is facing today. 

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