Image by Octavian Dan
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The lux Mundi project was initiated in 2018, with the desire to bring together different artists around the story of the birth of the Sun, which stands here as the symbol of timelessness. By combining opera singing, classical music and diverse scenic arts of dance and fire manipulation, the expressions of lux Mundi are unique and evolving. 

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The Lights of Change

Inspired by the latest research studies about perception of reality and the evolution of consciousness, This project aims to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity. The idea is to explore the infinite possibilities of creative expression using science for an innovative multicultural experience.

Confetti Storm

Winds of Change

Inner climate - outer climate ? 

How can human interactions affect and influence global climate change?

This project has been initiated in august 2020, following the protests for freedom and truth in Germany and further worldwide, where more than millions of people joined together to make a significant globale change. With the production of a serie of video-clips, this initiative seeks to raise questions about the probable correlation between environmental issues, the economic crisis and socio-political tensions. 


Child of the Village

They say if you bring a child to the world this child is for the whole village. Transcending deep-rooted customs and believes, this projects exhale the ancient heritage of African culture and history. Compiled in a colorful serie of  illustrated stories from all over the African continent .