Dear Colleagues and Friends!

We are glad to invite you to take part in the 1st  International scientific e-conference

"The solution for the global problems of today through integration in society, science and culture"
May 9th and 10th, 2020.

Access to the conference

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The goal of the conference is to consolidate the efforts of scientists and specialists in the integral methodology aimed at revealing unity in the interaction of the laws of development of nature, society and the individual. Thus, on the basis of the knowledge, identifying ways of harmonious development of society and introducing an integral methodology of upbringing and education.

Conference program

Session 1, Saturday May 9th 2020

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

(check your time zone for Saturday)


3.00 PM - 3.30 PM - Prof. Ephraim Eliav IWRIPerspectives on Integral World Exploration. (English)


3.30 PM - 4.00 PM - Dr. Ahanonu Kelechi AjumoleIntegral world or self-destruction: our choice. (English)


4.00 PM - 4.30 PM - Prof. Valentina Ilganayeva - Integral image of the world: concepts, levels, management (Russian)


4.30 PM - 5.00 PM - Ms. Keren Levin - The Coronavirus as Nature’s “Aesthetic Supervision” Lens (English)


5.00 PM - 5.30 PM - Mr. Ernest Itzkovich - Implementation of Integral Education in Global Businesses (English)


5.30 PM - 6.00 PM - Mr. Adomas Davalga - Conditions for Integral and Inclusive Society (English)

Session 2, Sunday May 10th 2020

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

(check your time zone for Sunday)

10.00 AM - 10.30 AM - Dr. Valeria Khachatyryan - Science and extra-science: prospects for dialogue (Russian)

10.30 AM - 11.00 AM Dr. Leah Mandler - Disaster diplomacy: Covid-19 and International Relations (English)


11.00 AM - 11.30 AM - Dr. Benzion Gertz - Inclusion Dialogue Technique for Accessing Quantum Consciousness (English)


11.30 AM - 12.00 PM - Prof. Vladimir Krasnov On the theory of social gaps and social exclusion of organizations (Russian)


12.00 - 12.30PM - Ms. Kerri Berkowitz - Building Positive Relationships in Schools (English)


12.30 PM -1.00 PM - Dr. Alexander Angelov - Integral medicine in the era of global pandemics (English)


1.00 PM - 1.45 PM - Round Table, Closing the conference

The conference will take place on zoom

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