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The goal for our team is to devise a tactic which would enable us to get the authentic information out there, because of the obligation we all have to each other and to the world. The whole team has years of experience in and research on the interrelationships of most  natural sciences like quantum mechanics, mechatronics, universal laws in nature like gravity, electromagnetism, electricity etc, perception of reality, humanities, consciousness and education. As it stands, the entire IWRI team is driven by a strong desire to make a change and provide real answers to all humanity.

We feel that humanity has entered into a new era, and the world at large is in a state of turmoil. We know that the only way to combat the oncoming crises, is to adapt to an integral worldview.

We ask the big questions, we cope with the answers. We define exactly what we can do to help us all to get through this challenging time and how to raise a new generation of people with a more positive thinking who understand what nature requires of us now.

IWRI is developing a universally accepted, scientifically based Integral Education curriculum for all ages.

The curriculum will include the adaptation of the Big Questions (to the appropriate degree according to age and experience), and how to incorporate it in such a way that the result will necessitate a change in our attitude toward our priorities in life, in our attitude toward others, and how to live in harmony.

We understand the desperate need to redefine what meets the standards of an education curriculum, and build the curriculum around the core foundation of nature's integral principles.

Based on irrefutable evidence that the destabilizing state of humanity and the world at large is the result of humanity’s increasing divide, we expect mandatory classes for all educators to learn about the fundamentals of nature's program and the integral nature of humanity. The entire curriculum is designed to have the integral aspect as the core of which all curriculum is developed around; no matter what is the subject of study. The implications of an integral education is beneficial in countless ways, one of its benefits is to restore balance with nature.

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