Humanities Department is the IWRI’s home for foundational research of Humanities and Sciences. It supports integral thinking across all social disciplines, offering integral methodology based on the unity of the universal laws and leads interdisciplinary researches and learning programs for a better understanding of the world.


Strategic research areas are:

1. Social interaction as a key factor in the sphere of social consciousness  and humanity as a single integrated system.  

 2. Formation of the structure for the future science of human culture

3. Study of changes in education, pedagogy,  and upbringing

4. Participation in research on the phenomena of universal evolutionism, consciousness, and worldview

5. Studying Philosophy of ideology and its integrality

6. Developing integral psychology

7. Developing the ontology of sociality


IWRI’s  Humanities Department is the regular participant in research on the phenomena of universal evolutionism, integral consciousness, and worldview, as well as changes in education, training, and upbringing, which are part of the experimental work in the field of non-formal education in the context of lifelong education.

The core research results focus on:

  • Conceptual and terminological analysis of humanitarian knowledge;

  • Transformation of social interaction as a factor in regulating social life;

  • Reflection of reality in social consciousness; 

  • Methods of integral education, pedagogy, and upbringing.