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Born from a passionate encounter in Venice and a first artistic collaboration in Switzerland in December 2018. Lux Mundi is a project that has been initiated in collaboration with the Sunlite Events organization which is established in Geneva, with the desire to bring together various artists around the story of the birth of the Sun, which stands here as the symbole of timelessness.


By telling a silent story that develops itself through the melodies to the emotions and imaginations of each guest the idea is to leave room for each person's own interpretation of what eternity evokes in each mind. Combining opera singing, classical music and various scenic arts of dance and fire manipulation the Lux Mundi expressions are unique in its genre and evolutive.


Lux Mundi Project

Pedagogical Approach

In each new artistic expression of Lux Mundi, professionals from diverse fields are invited to join our project by sharing their knowledge and experience in the artistic work with children. Through the discussion circles in which the project is shaped, the children do not only exchange ideas but they also experience our pedagogical approach of integral education.

Through an interactive and integrative collaboration, everyone can participate in the entire creative process, regardless of their degree of expertise or background. In this way, we want to enable the youngest to express and develop their creativity through the supervision and guidance of professionals. By welcoming ideas and inspirations on the theme of timelessness, we want to make the palette of infinite possibilities much more accessible to the youngest and allow them to integrate these notions into their individual dimension to permit them to build a broader vision of the world.

This approach allows children to strengthen their self-confidence, initiative mindset, self-esteem and their ability of working in groups. What is surprising about children is that when they are caught up in the game they do not pretend, they live the moment for real. It is in this environment that the transmission of the values of classical art becomes possible and a deeper artistic awareness is reached.

The greatest existential fears come from the fear of what is foreign and unknown to us and the greatest identity crises from the powerlessness to inscribe and articulate oneself within. Imagination and curiosity are the most precious tools to enable us to playfully grasp the imperceptible and unpredictable aspect of life. This leads us to experience our existence in a more seren way. 

The result of these encounters has so far allowed the project to benefit from a very complex, diversified and rich palette of ideas for sparkling realizations! 

"A timeless and unique artistic experience"