Science has culminated to a pivotal moment in human understanding: If we want to make further progress toward discovering the laws of nature, and use them to everyone’s benefit, we need to change the way we perceive and relate to reality. Researching the structure and behavior of the world through enhanced human connection will provide the major shift that our science needs in order to become truly beneficial for humanity. Ultimately, it would open our eyes to a whole new kind of science, one closer to the inherent balance and harmony that exist in nature.

General properties and patterns of our world (physical reality) testifies to its integrity, universal interconnectedness, unity, and uniqueness:

1.The material universe is finite and bounded, and therefore, discrete (digital, quantized, and relativistic).

2. All natural phenomena and processes are subject to strict laws (cause-effect, structural connections, and relationships).

3. Nature is absolutely deterministic (including the seemingly random and chaotic behavior at all levels of inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human nature).

4. Nature is purposeful and has “planned out” systems containing many non-commutative (non-permutable) components (for the “random“ assembly of which, almost an eternity is required; besides, and therefore, nature is devoid of randomness (see Par. 3). 

  • the uniqueness and non-commutative complexity of the global evolution in terms of temporal, spatial, and entropy parameters

  • anthropic principles (weak, strong, and super-strong)

  • the vector of evolution is directed along improbable and simply incredible (from the point of view of probabilistic theories) and at the same time, absolutely determined paths towards the highest form of development - a unified self-awareness, and recognizing a true reality superorganism (Harmonious Integral Humanity)

5. Round (harmony, balance) and linear (strict hierarchy) are symmetries in nature, which are the only mutually complementary symmetries reflecting the fundamental nature of all the structural and evolutionary laws of the unified reality.

6. The law of similarity of the part and the whole, the self-coordinated work of all subsystems in the general system is ensured by the similarity of each part to the whole:

  • the uniqueness of the networked, integrated-synergistic structure and functioning of the brain biochemistry of collective work of mirror neurons 

  • the true connection of consciousness and the brain

  • expansion of consciousness as a goal and means of knowledge acquisition and integral transformation of nature

  • correspondence of the forms of collective consciousness with the upper nature’s consciousness as the goal and means of harmonizing the world

7. The evolution of the material universe is manifested in the processes of self-organization, which leads to the complication of the structure of new emerging objects and to a sharp increase in the number of informational links between their elements alongside a simultaneous decrease in their volume and mass.

8. Existence of a deeper level of reality is hidden from us, and on the other hand, it is the cause and the root of the material universe accessible to our perception.

9. The fundamental unity of the laws of nature, the existence of general patterns, interconnection of phenomena in different areas of scientific knowledge (the laws governing the behavior of systems in different areas of nature are described by the same equations) show the existence of a common root in completely different phenomena.

10. Perceptions of reality that are already discovered and studied demonstrate that the world we perceive does not objectively exist but is inside our consciousness.