It is a branch of science and philosophy concerned with the laws or principles governing the operation of the mind, especially as defined by custom or culture.

The Oxford English Dictionary

Today, people are re-examining long-held beliefs about phenomena in the world and the way things are. Although having fixed beliefs can help us to feel oriented in the world, now we need to adapt ourselves to changes when Nature is clearly obligating us to do so.

The world is changing around us. Everything feels to be outdated.

Instead of continuing to replace old fixations with new fixations, we can develop a new type of flexible social framework that allows for individual growth within it as well.

People who understand positive human development will guide and lead society in this direction.

Integral nomology promotes practical scientifically proven integral methodologies and the realization of the main life goals of an individual and an integral society by: 


  • building scientific models of the universe based on the knowledge of connection through research, phenomenology, computation, development, explanation, heuristic models, etc. 

  • confirming the constructed models above stem from the laws of nature  

  • developing theoretical aspects of Integral Education 

  • developing methods for the formation of an integral worldview

  • creating scientifically based social narratives that reveal the main concepts of unity 

  • developing and justifying social competencies that should be formed in every young person 

  • developing methodology for the formation of social competencies 

  • registering the developed models as training programs for educational institutions