The Choice of the Environment Determines Our Future

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Every day the mass media brings us more news and information about the worldwide socio-political crisis, the threatening global climate changes, and scientific discoveries. All of this is determined by humanity’s general movement toward its new state – the equilibrium with Nature by the principle “through the thorns to the stars,” or in other words, “forced to happiness.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to go through these stages smoothly and pleasantly?

For that we need to learn how to build a save and prosperous environment in which it can further develop us so that we can become more balanced with the rest of nature. While we are born with bits of genetic information, the environment influences us throughout our lifespan. Like fruit ripening on a tree, people need the right environment to become a perfect expression of themselves. Sharing knowledge, running workshops, activities, games, and discussions about the integrality of nature enables us to feel how to have a good life by connecting with one another above our differences sharing our common ground. 

Our world represents a common system, and the concept “integral” means that ALL the parts of this system are connected to each other and regulated by what we call the laws of Nature - Constantly striving for a state of equilibrium and homeostasis.

At IWRI, we are building a foundation for perceiving the global world where everyone relies on each other and experiences the beneficial effect of mindful interactions and mutual guaranty. This is the reason for organizing our teams of volunteers. 



A strategic team of educators, researches, scientists, parents, and education enthusiasts working togehter on designing a universal education model.



Practical implementation of IE method in cyber-physical environments. Educators and computer science specialists focus on using VR, AR, smart technology, AI, and robotics for integral education. 


By integrating new technologies for efficiency and innovation, IWRI researchers and scientists from all of backgrounds zero in on sharing ideas, forging collaborations and making connections.


Structuring an official integral education training, possibly with credit in the future, to include the course in the college, and then to make a proposal to Education Departments worldwide to help launch a reform of global education system.


An intellectual laboratory of sociologists, political scientists, psychologists, philosophers, public figures and journalists who form an integral worldview.