“None of us is as smart as all of us.”


IWRI is an globale network of over 50 doctors, professors, teachers, scientists, and researchers in various fields, coming together from all corners of the World for the purpose of developing Educational methods and tools based on integral education and research.


IWRI Chairman/Head of the Board of Directors

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MS (1985) and PhD (1988) in Quantum Mechanics - St. Petersburg State University, Department of Quantum Mechanics . 


Currently working at Tel Aviv Univ./Chemistry Dept. asis the KAMEA research professor in the field of atomic physics and relativistic quantum chemistry. He is a world leading expert in benchmark theoretical calculations of physical and chemical properties of heavy atomic and molecular systems required for testing of fundamental physical theories and many applied research areas in chemistry.


He has published over 130 papers in leading scientific journals . Prof. Eliav is a winner of more than 25 international grants and prizes. He worked as a visiting professor at leading Universities in USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and China.



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Founder & CEO at The Human Voice o.p.s. - a humanitarian organization for helping people globally, CEO & founder of Rockglen ltd in Zimbabwe, The CEO & founder of Solaxis ltd and other renewable energy companies with branches around the world.


Professor of Power Systems Engineering at several universities and colleges in the Czech Republic using the special Integral education methodology acquired in Israel. 

Author of works and books focusing on connection. Teaches and demonstrates the Integral education methods at many schools of all ages.   

Studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Owerri and post-graduate studies on Power Systems Engineering & research on photovoltaics at the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany


IWRI Grant Department

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Federal Grant Developer

Primary/Secondary Educator

Modern Languages/Integral Education 


B.A., Spanish and French, UA

ESL Certification, Oxford Seminars 

Simultaneous Interpreter 


CEO, CONEXUS International

International  Kids/Teen Camps

Study Abroad and Cultural Programs


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One of IWRI's Israeli branch founders, marketing and promoting research works,writing articles on Integral Education and Integral Nomology, an excellently trained presenter of clips, World-class teacher of PPT presentations and meeting skills, Communications and quality control expert and participates during scientific and educational conferences around the world, sharing articles on"medium" a social platform, a senior member on several advisory committees.


Has a Lead Auditor Certificate for Integrated Management Systems. Well experienced and teaches ISO standards based on IWRI principles both physically and online


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Restorative Practices Manager for San Francisco Unified School District. The website, implementation guide, and plethora of outreach materials Kerri developed to support the realization of these practices are frequently referred to and depended on by many educators and restorative practitioners across the nation. In 2014, Kerri founded the Center for Relational Practices, an organization that specializes in providing strategic planning, high quality training and coaching supports in restorative principles and practices.  She currently partners with multiple schools and districts throughout North America, including Alaska and is entirely dedicated to assisting schools become a true place of belonging for all.


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Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry

Over 20 Scientific publications. Also he has a professional business education.

Consultant for the biobased economy and professional Psychodynamic Life Coach.

Main interests: quantum physics and theory of relativity. On the humanities side Hans has a profound interest in topics such as the development of humanity, spirituality, ancient wisdom, and consciousness.




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Dept. of Humanities

IWRI Editor

International Baccalaureate Humanities Teacher

B.A. Mercyhurst University and Master’s  work at Siegal College of Judaic Studies


HND Accountancy  - Accra Technical University (attended) 

General knowledge in mobile phone software and hardware

Computer software technician

Organic Agricultural Farmer; knowledge and experience in organic farming techniques

Broad knowledge of the interconnectedness of plants in nature and most farming equipment and machinery in Ghana

Economics University graduate from Romania 

and a second degree in specialized Electrical Engineering degree in Rome, Italy 


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IWRI social media coordinator, Graphic designer, video editor expert and promoter, Classical music event manager - artistic director in Switzerland - promoter of young musicians 

Active in various humanitarian projects in Africa and Europe.Developer of global human conditions, focusing on the improvement of social conditions and connections via an Integral Educational system


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MA in English and Communication, a BA in Music Education,taught CTE English Language Arts for over 20 years, college composition as an EDGE teacher
for Jefferson Community College has conducted professional
development sessions for teachers and school administrators.
expert in teaching collaboration and team-building strategies, high
quality productivity and meaningful working relationships. Conducted Connection seminars, has integrated people from diverse ages and backgrounds to a place
of mutual respect, understanding and warmhearted friendship.


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Bachelor in Fine Arts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Fine Arts and Education degree from Amsterdam University of The Arts.

Light-art and art education.

Solo exhibitions throughout Europe.

Publications in art magazines in Holland and Germany.

Organizer of various art exhibitions.  Founder and organizer of a yearly light art event in the Netherlands

Freelance art educator in after school care projects, tutor visual art.

Creating art lessons. Mentor for young upcoming visual artists. 


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Ph.D. in Chemical Process Technology and Equipment M.Sc. In Optics and Spectroscopy 

Scientific research field:

Designing laser Doppler anemometer for turbulent flows investigation Studying of turbulent flows and mixing in static mixers and Investigation of high concentrated suspension flows by Laser Doppler Anemometers Designing system for measure of light scattering characteristics of high concentrated suspensions Water management in the power plant Design and improvement of equipment for the realization of various chemical processes (mixing, Thermo- and mass-transfer, etc.). More than 20 publications


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IWRI Integral Education Department, Director

MA, Philosophy & Education – Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, USA (in progress)

AB, Philosophy & Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations – Harvard College in Massachusetts, USA

Project manager, content developer, educator 

Writer / Editor / Proofreader / Translator (English-Russian-Hebrew)


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Online Integral educator and among the team of teachers for teaching special children using integral methodologies, Integral games, a communication skills expert in both Czech and English languages.   




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A filmmaker with several feature film productionA TV Series producerPublisher with textbook production and other supplementary materialsInvolved in children education using connecting methods i.e. the science of connectionCurrently running a project with basic schools


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BA in Humanities, UC  Sonoma State, CA, USA
UC Sonoma, International Exchange Student 
Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain
MA Spanish Literature, NYU
PhD studies NYU in Madrid, Spain
Teacher, world traveler, writing and painting.
Interested in Ancient Wisdom and Consciousness


Online Integral educator and among the team of teachers for teaching special children using integral methodologies, Integral games, communication skills expert in both Czech and English languages.


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Biologist, teacher, coordinator of educational programs. She worked as a research assistant at the Research Institute of Medical Primatology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and as a teacher at the Ecological Center for Continuing Education for Children. Area of interest - human physiology, perception of reality, solving global problems of mankind, ecology, social connections. Currently she is developing an integral teaching and education methodology for children and adults. The main goal is to create a global integral school, uniting people into one big family, in which there will be no place for wars and environmental troubles, but there will be friendship and mutual support

M.S ( masters of science ) from Johns Hopkins university in Baltimore. MD Education of Exceptional Children Behavioral Cognitive Theory - FIU

Teacher; specialized in Early Childhood Development  0 -3 Research and Teaching of students with Autism 

Educational Leadership and Administration. 

Grant Writing and Editing, Adjunct Professor


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Doctoral studies in International Peace, Conflicts and Development, Jaime I of Spain University; Masters in Educational and Social Development, Universidad Pedagógica CINDE, specialist in pedagogy and constitutional and democratic culture, Universidad Autónoma Colombia Trabajo Social, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Currently teaching at the Externado de Colombia University in the area of public policy and research methodologies applied to health and community. Integrative therapist in Bioneuroemotion. With publication of articles in different indexed journals on issues of experiences and methodologies of reparation to vulnerable groups such as victims.

With experience in counseling, promotion, prevention, and care for parents, women, adult teachers, interdisciplinary teams.
Involvement in the promotion of the community (community building)

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