Our focus is to nurture the development of positive environment: good, giving citizens of society impart enhanced knowledge and learning.


To measure our progress in achieving our goals, we use technological tools of assessment and verification of building these qualities (connection, good relationships, positive attitude). We already have such tools in the real world - it’s time to bring them to the virtual, too!

Our learning methods include:


Something that you can’t create alone, only together.


delivered by VR, AR & MR


A multifaceted education experience, where kids built their school environment and guide younger friends through the Minecraft environment.


A fun tool for measuring the value in altruistic behaviors.


Learning with an educator-guide and free-roam learning with prepared content.

Alina Fernandez,
Lead Global Educator and Grants Writer
Keren Levin,
Childhood Education Program, Director




We’re an international team of world-class scientists, educators
and developers working on an education solution
for 6 to 12 year olds.

Our goal is to launch in 2020 a truly global education system
that kids love and parents trust.

Pavel Sviridenko,
Lead Administrator and Technological Team Leader
Oren Leibovich,
Manager and instructor of programs for children, parents and educators


Kids-Connect Club & Classroom


Taking Ownership of the Coronavirus-Era Educational Void: 

Designing a VirtualReal Space for Fun, Learning & Global Unity

We wanted to share the exciting news that the dream we've been speaking about of a global virtual integral school came that much closer to reality last week when we held our proof of concept event.

All of the children that took part in the proof of concept unanimously said that they really, really enjoyed the experience of learning this way and hope that the school will continue beyond the pilot event. The teachers were also very pleased and said that the kids were very engaged, and it is a great medium for learning. The underlying philosophy shared by all the educators and parents involved is that social connection is the greatest value in education, leading to profound learning experiences as well as realization of meaning.

If you feel inspired and want to be a part of the process, request more information at

July 28, 2020

THIS WEEKEND – JULY 19, 20 and 21st – an epic event is going to take place in the Virbela and Minecraft virtual worlds. IWRI Childhood Education will be holding a 3-day marathon, shattering new ground in children’s education! We are building a “virtual-real education system” that is fun, and develops unique capacities for social connection, resulting in a game for everyone.
Our educators will share a fun experience with young people and adults, including academic learning, social connection activities and even video games used educationally! Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting, first-of-its kind virtual education marathon

July 15, 2020

You are the key to making this happen! 

Thank you for supporting us in launching the premier VirtualReal platform which will serve as the emergent global model of our unique integral/social education method which will benefit children around the world!


OUR GOAL: With your support we covered some of our needs for the operating costs of the pilot (for 30 students, 10 educators, tech support, the virtual campus platform (Virbela), and translators).


All administrators and staff are gifting their time toward this effort.


Thank you for making this happen!  

IWRI, Inc.  (incorporating as 501c non-profit in the USA) 


Our Mission 
Creating the premier VirtualReal, internationally accredited educational platform for ages 3-14 founded on a social-connection approach which cultivates a desire for learning through innovative technology, unique Virtual/Real Games, Integral Education Method of Connection, Individual and Team Building-Skills, Fun Learning, and easily accessible, equitable learning for children and teens around the world.

Our Vision 
An integral world where the children of tomorrow lead humanity towards the realization of harmonious connections. 

© 2020 IWRI Integral World Research Institute

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